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A house call practice devoted solely to helping your pet pass on at home.

I have been practicing general home veterinary medicine in the Greater Boston area for over 20 years.  Although I do not advertise, over time more and more people have called on me to perform home euthanasia for their terminally ill pets.  Initially these were people who had heard of me through friends and I often sensed guilt on the other end of the line that they were calling me and not their usual veterinarian.  Home Euthanasia For Pets was started as a second practice to alleviate this pressure and specializes in end of life care and home euthanasia, in the privacy and comfort of home.

Having been through this with my own pets, I know how hard it is to make the decision to help an animal end its life.  “How will I know when it’s time?” is perhaps the most important question I am asked and I hear it every day.  We have all heard the standard, “You’ll know when it’s time.”  That used to be my response too, but now after twenty years of helping people grapple with this decision, my reply is not so pat.  There are so many variables and signs to watch out for, not to mention that cats ARE different.  I try to make myself available to help by phone, by email or in person, with as little or as much of the decision process as needed.  The finality of euthanasia is irreversible and not to be done without consideration.  Many of the animals I have helped have come to the fork in their lives where one way clearly leads to more pain and suffering and the other, the gift of a painless death.  This is deeply personal and different for everyone.

Because euthanising a pet is such a hard decision to make, let alone schedule, I try to be as flexible as possible with timing as well as location. Although based in Lincoln I have driven just about everywhere in Massachusetts and have performed euthanasias wherever your dog or cat is most comfortable , including the couch, the garden, in the woods, in front of the fire, at the beach and under the bed.

Because I want this to be as pain free and relaxing as possible, I pre-medicate with a combination of drugs that will take away any existing pain, relaxing your pet so that he or she can fall asleep in your lap. Once your pet has fallen asleep, I administer an IV injection of medication that will euthanize your pet without pain.

I can help with arrangements for burial or cremation if desired.

Putting your old friend down may be the hardest decision you have ever made but may also be the most loving.  My hope is that when it is time, I can help you approach this process with confidence and dignity.  I am dedicated to the pet owners whose compassion and grief it has been my privilege to share.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions.

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